In 2021 we’ll be completing the politicians of Paradise mini series. Make sure you’ve grabbed them all. We’re now available on all retailers!

Saving the Congressman – March 18th – Pre order available on Amazon

Warning: If you need a book with a feisty heroine who’s packing, a hero with a savior complex, and exactly zero baby tigers, you’ve come to the right place. Dezi doesn’t do paranormal, so there’s no fur keeping anyone warm at night.






Saving the Politician – May 20th – Pre order available on Amazon


Warning: If you’re looking for a book where the guy keeps his love a secret from his woman until she needs to be saved, you’ve found it. There’s also royalty (even if he’s a douche) and kids who resemble velociraptors.






Saving the Bodyguard – July 15th – Pre order available on Amazon


Warning: This book contains two evenly matched people who won’t cut the other any slack, a woman who is the alpha, and a man who’s willing to let her think whatever she wants as long as she’s doing it while underneath him. When these two hit the mat, it’s a different kind of wrestling that takes place, if you know what we mean.