Priscilla Montgomery wanted a baby, and she wanted one now. Her biological clock was ticking, and if she didn’t do something about it soon, she was sure it’d be too late. She didn’t get to be one of the best doctors at Paradise General by

sitting back and letting things come to her, so she did what came natural, taking the bull by the horns.

Kenton Sacks always had the hots for Priscilla even though she was a doctor and he was a nurse. People looked down on him for not going all the way in his career, but he never let that stop him. When Priscilla called him into her office and asked him to father her baby and passed over a collection cup, he decided it was the perfect opportunity to make his mark, and give her a baby the old-fashioned way.

Not everyone is happy to see the hospital’s leading female doctor hooking up with a murse. Their colleague Grant thinks he’d be better suited and is bound and determined to make sure she knows it. Pricilla considers this a simple matter of knocking her up, but Kenton has other plans. In the end, he’ll guarantee he not only claimed her body but also her heart.

Warning: This book has a female doctor who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants, a male nurse with something to prove, and a whole lot of workplace hook-ups. These two co-workers will prove the woman CAN wear the pants.



Quill Libby sat at the top of her department with Paradise General. As the leading cardiologist, she’d worked hard to get the position. Her colleagues teased her about having balls, but it didn’t phase her. Except when it came from one doctor.

Justin Wang wanted Quill since the first time he’d set eyes on her five years ago. Rather than be his smooth self, he’d made a joke about her name and ruined his chances from the word go. Quill didn’t take crap from anyone, and never needed his help…until now.

These two were rivals since the first day, but Justin wanted nothing more than to change their dynamic. Breaking down Quill’s walls won’t be easy. She’s got a chip on her shoulder and no plans on letting it go anytime soon. When Quill’s safety is on the line, will Justin be able to jump in and save her in time?

Warning: This book contains two doctors, one hospital, and a whole lot of tension. By the end of this you’ll need a cold shower. Once you read this one, you’ll be ready for your own Wang…Justin Wang



Rayleen Daniels has the hots for her boss. Working alongside him as his nurse every day isn’t helping so she’ll take matters into her own hands. If the Doctor won’t man up and make a move, then it’s up to her to show him she’s ready for more.

Issac Johnston burns with a deep desire for his partner on the job. Inner hospital relationships aren’t acceptable, especially those between a doctor and his assistant, so he keeps his feelings locked down tight. It doesn’t matter if Rayleen is ready, he must keep a level head for both of them or risk their jobs.

Fate has other plans for the pair. Issac is all that stands between Rayleen and a scalpel wielding disgruntled patient with his gown in a bunch. Despite all the warnings, in the end will he realize love is worth the risk when it comes to Rayleen?

Warning: This book contains a nurse who knows what she wants (hint: it’s the doctor) and isn’t afraid to go for it. A doctor who tries to do the right thing even though it could cost him everything. And a patient whose fall off the deep end might be the glue which holds them together. Who would’ve thought?



Scarlet Anderson isn’t the same woman she was two years ago. The party girl is now a kick-ass Emergency Room nurse.

Her life is exactly as she envisioned except for the two year old running amok through her life.

Harvard Walker accepted the director position at Paradise General not only to be the youngest one in hospital history, but also to find his Letty again. The past two years she’s been burned in his mind and he plans to find out if she’s still a tiger between the sheets. Their one night together wasn’t enough to satisfy his craving.

Scarlet still smolders at Harvard’s good looks, but it’s not just her life anymore. They can’t have more than the one night they’ve already spent together for fear of losing her heart completely. Plus, Harvard won’t like the addition to Scarlet’s life. Desperate to keep her new daughter a secret she can’t get close to the new hospital director. Scarlet can run all she wants, but Harvard has long legs and he’s bound to catch up.

Warning: This book is a second chance romance between a hot young hospital director and a serious nurse. There’s a secret, a major cover up, and lots of action…if you know what we mean. Can one night of passion turn into a lifetime of love?



Tenley Langston is an indepent woman, and she doesn’t need a man. After being burned by her last boyfriend, she made a promise to herself to kick men to the curb and focus on herself. She doesn’t need them anyway, especially not one that’s a doctor.

Griffin Wood is a man who knows what he wants and doesn’t stop until he gets it. That’s why when he sets his sights on Tenley, he’s not put off by her cold shoulder. Underneath her frosty attitude is a flame that will burn them both to the ground.

Tenley is bound and determined to keep Griffin at arms length, but when trouble comes calling, he shows up like a knight in shining armor making it hard for her to resist him anymore. With Grant stirring up trouble, will their love be able to survive?

Warning: This book contains a doctor who knows what he wants and how to get it, a stubborn woman who puts up one heck of a fight, and Grant. We all hate Grant by now, don’t we? And we can’t forget the nurse outfit. There’s one of those too.