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Harvard and Scarlet both have plans, and it doesn’t include a relationship. A night of fun is just what the doctor ordered.

Warning: Doctors, strippers, and Mannies, OH MY! If you’re in the mood for a quickie that’s not afraid to get down and dirty, you’ve come to the right place.


Fiona Grey was certain she was going to fail. In her class, life, guys, it didn’t matter, she wasn’t good at any of it. She had all but given up hope when her friend set her up with a tutor to help her out.

Utah Richardson had abs of steel and arms to match, but he also had a big thick…brain. Taking off his clothes wasn’t his only expertise. When Fiona needs a tutor to help her graduate business school Utah vowed to get dressed and help her pass the test, even if that meant taking off his clothes.

When Fiona’s past comes back to haunt her, she’s certain the only way to get past it is to continue on like she had, shutting herself off from the world. Utah isn’t about to let that happen. If there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s that there’s nothing you can’t do with a little hard work and a good plan.

Warning: This book goes to prove you can’t judge a book by its cover. Between a male stripper who’s getting his doctorate, and a girl who is one question away from the G-string coming off (please get the question right!), the Forrest Gump saying is true. You never know what you’ll get.



Georgia Richardson hates men and all that comes along with them, but when she’s asked to help out a friend by throwing the biggest and best bachelorette party on the planet she can’t say no. With only four days to get the job done she’ll need big reinforcements from her favorite Hunky Helper. He’s not there to strip, but that doesn’t mean Georgia won’t see him naked.

Tucker Long was there for one reason only. He only did this kind of work to make money for his new business. He was getting out someday. Sure that’s what they all said, but it was true for him. If helping Georgia got him one step closer to his dreams, he’d do the job and do it well.

Tensions are high in Georgia’s neighborhood and they’re spilling over into her backyard. Tucker isn’t about to stand by and watch it all go down. His past military training wouldn’t allow it. When the battle lines are drawn, will he pick his friend Utah, or will he decide to take a chance on love?

Warning: This book contains an a-hole neighbor who gets what’s coming to him, a man and woman who don’t know how to communicate, and a brother who sees a whole lot more of his sister than he ever wanted.



Heaven Church leads a double life. The hottest romance author west of the Mississippi she’s broken out from her parents control and paved her own life. Mostly. She’s living her dream, but only a handful of people know about it.

Sawyer Pierce never expected a woman to knock him on his ass, but a routine job and an accidental peek in the window made him glad he had good reflexes. Who knew a simple gutter job would end up being so much more? Good thing there was one thing he prided himself on, and that was a job well done.

Heaven’s mind is in the gutter and she’s looking for more with the hottie Handy Helper. Everything is perfect as these two traverse their way together, but Sawyer will risk it all when he lets the cat out of the bag and tells Heaven’s deepest secret. Is an over-the-top apology enough to win back her heart or will Sawyer be left at the curb?

Warning: If you’re looking for an epic apology, cheesy romance titles, and a book that’s punny, search no further. This one’s for you.



Ivy Adams has a problem that not just anyone can solve. Her drain has more noodles shoved in it than a freshman dorm. A nursing student mid-semester she doesn’t have the money to hire a plumber, but there’s always a Handy Helper when you need one.

Rex Johns wasn’t looking for a woman, but one that loved to eat, yeah, sign him up. He had a big snake and knew how to use it. When his camera fit down her drains, there was no going back.

Ivy’s enjoying her time with Rex more than anything, but not enough to give up a Thanksgiving meal at home. When he surprises her with a bag of tacos, but finds Ivy gone, Rex panics. Did she take off on him or will her turkey be stuffed for the holiday?

Warning: If you’re wanting to get stuffed, snaked, and drained, this book has it all.



Joey Reed needs help in the worst way. If it isn’t her HOA breathing down her neck about the shape of her Christmas bulbs, it’s the fact she set her rental house on fire. Thank goodness for the nosey old coots because they saved the place from becoming a pile of ashes. Now she needs help getting the place back in order before her jerk of a landlord finds out what happened.

Quinten Shaft has the name of a porn star and the moves of one too. Don’t let that fool you, he’s actually really good with his tools. One look at Joey, and he’s relieved to be working for her and not some dude named Joey over the holiday. The fact they have sexual chemistry in spades makes the whole thing even better.

When the douche landlord makes an appearance, Joey knows her holiday is shot. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s won over the heart of a Hunky Helper, and when you have one, you have them all.

Warning: This book contains a gossip telephone chain like you would not believe, a woman who knows how to use her hands, and a Christmas gift that’s perfect for the occasion. Should we repeat the man with the porn star name and has the moves of one too? You’re welcome.