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Ali Jones liked to think she could do it all, but being a single mom had started taking a toll on her. Something had to give.  Calling the nanny service, Helping Hands, was the first step, but instead of getting a nanny, they sent her a hot as sin manny with abs she could wash her clothes on.

Zach Thomas wasn’t the kind of man who squelched on a bet. That’s why he would swallow his pride, hang up his construction belt, and be a manny for a week. He ran a successful business where his crews knew he was boss. He figured it wouldn’t be hard to get the hot new mom to follow directions too.

Ali could tell that Zach didn’t have a clue, but when she realized the attraction she felt wasn’t one sided, she threw caution to the wind. It didn’t matter if he couldn’t vacuum to save his life, he was great at messing up the sheets.

She wasn’t looking for anything permanent, so what was the harm in having a little fling with the manny?

Warning: This book contains an over the top story of a single mom, a contractor turned manny, and his huge *ahem* aptly named Big John. There are also balls…bowling balls.




Bri Becker was the single mom with the kid everyone avoided. As a widower, it wasn’t easy to find help, especially when babysitters everywhere had her on a blacklist. Moving back home to Paradise was supposed to be a step in the right direction. Her family was going to help so she could finally make a better life for her and her son. When her brother ended up in the hospital, all those plans went out the window.

Yale Walker was a man who did what he wanted when he wanted. Sometimes that included who he wanted too. He wasn’t the kind of guy who made bets and didn’t follow through. That’s why he’d give up his flipping gig for a week and play manny. He saw how it worked out for his friend, and he was hoping for the same, minus the married part.

Opening the door to her savoir, Brie finds her brother’s best friend, the guy who she’s been fantasizing about since she was a teen. With one cheese nickname after another, Brie realizes there’s no way he could feel the same, though, and getting through their time together won’t be easy when all she wants to do is act out some of the dirty things she’s been thinking about.

Warning: This book contains a single mom who needs a nap, a brother who stages an intervention, and a wobbly sword that ends up in the weapons bucket.



Candi’s life was held together by lists and order, and everything was running according to plan until it was all thrown out the window. Now she was the guardian of twin girls without a clue how to handle them and juggle her new life. A nanny sounded like a great idea, but when she opened the door, a hot manny was waiting for her.

Xander had been trained to handle just about anything. He was quick on his feet and had the ability to read the enemy. He trained his dog, Snickers, to mind in under two days so the twins he’d been called to care for should have been a piece of cake. What he didn’t count on was their mother. He’d watched his friends fall in love on their manny jobs, but he was sure it wouldn’t happen to him. The former SEAL hadn’t been beat yet, and he didn’t plan to go down now.

It was obvious Xander was in over his head, but Candi loved watching the muscular manny give it his best shot. She’d even let him check a few things off her bedroom list too, but there’s something about her that Xander doesn’t know.

He survived the school drop off line, but can he survive Candi’s secrets?

Warning: This book features a single mom who’s a bit over the top, a manny who may have met his match, and twin girls who know how to set a good parent trap.



Dylan Harris was having a rough time. Her parking tickets were piling up higher than her daughter’s IQ. Instead of coming to the rescue herself, Dylan’s grandma hired her a manny. She’s in so far over her head, she didn’t even argue.

Willie had always been misunderstood. He might take the Little Willie jokes his friends dish out with a smile, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a shark in the courtroom. He didn’t get to be one of the top lawyers in the area by letting people walk all over him. He’d approach this manny thing like he did every court case. Head on and expecting to win.

Dylan knew her life was crazy, but as Willie stepped in and managed everything, she wondered if maybe she’d finally met her match. She never expected to find someone who could handle her daughter much less her baby daddy.

Warning: This books features an overwhelmed single mom, an over the top drag queen named Holly Danger, and a manny named Little Willie who isn’t so little in real life.



Ellie Moore was in a jam and needed help on short notice. What was a girl to do when the mailman left a wedding invite in her mailbox? An invite from an ex boyfriend she still had feelings for who planned to marry the woman he picked rather than her. There could only be one answer. Call a hotter than hell manny to go as her date, that’s what. She’d let him know she didn’t have kids later.

Victor Scott worried he wouldn’t be able to keep the bet he’d made with his friend one Vegas night weeks ago. Kids and him did not mix. When the call came for him to take their mother to a wedding he decided to play along for the evening.

One blind date leads to another, and the fact the whole thing started because of kids Ellie non existent children doesn’t matter. They want a happy ever after, but someone’s ex won’t stand by and let that happen.

Warning: This book proves there’s nothing like a woman scorned (even if that woman is her drag queen friend), a man who really knows the game of baseball, and an ex that realized the grass wasn’t greener on the other side.