Yuri Pane spent eight years as the president’s only daughter. Now it’s time for her to strike out on her own without the watchful eye of her parents and all their staff. New apartment? Check. New job? Check. Everything is set for her to make it on her own as a single woman in Paradise. Until she opens her graduation gift… a scrumptious new bodyguard to call her very own.

Ferris Knight moved to Vegas to start his own security firm, and he’s already landed the client of a lifetime. Keep the previous first daughter safe? Easy. Except no one warned him she’s an escape artist with eight years of experience. Oh also, the hottest woman he’s ever laid eyes on.

Life should have been easy, but when Yuri ends up on a controversial campaign at her new job, she won’t be running away from Ferris but toward him.

Warning: If you’re looking for a book with a woman who isn’t afraid to give her security the slip, a man who’s made hotter because he carries a dino mug, and action… lots and lots of action, this one’s for you!



Violet Waters’ first month in office isn’t going as planned. She never thought being Governor of Nevada would be a walk in the park, but a box of threatening mail arrived, and now she’s stuck with a security guard.


Elliot Cox takes his work seriously, even when his assignments don’t. Violet is certain everyone is overreacting, but he won’t take chances. His keen eye has never failed him before, but can he keep the record with all his attention on Violet?


With evidence mounting, soon it’s too much for Violet to ignore. Will she accept the help she needs in time? Can Elliot maintain his cool long enough to keep Violet alive?


Warning: A stubborn woman, an alpha man, and some sexy times in the safe room. The building isn’t the only thing exploding! This heroine won’t be needing her new mail order toy, but you might.




Willow Winters held the position as the only woman on Ferris Knight’s security team. She’d worked hard to get where she was and wouldn’t do anything to risk her job or reputation. It’s not easy always having to prove herself, but she’s not scared of a little hard work. That’s why she volunteered as lead when the next assignment came through.

Deacon Dick had a name which preceded him almost everywhere he went. It wasn’t easy being a public servant of Nevada, but he took the job seriously. As a representative of the people, it was his job to make sure every one of his constituents had a fair shake in life. He played the part of cocky politician when needed, but finds himself wanting to open up and show Willow who the real Deacon is.

Willow isn’t sure she can put her job aside for the cocky congressman after how long it’s taken her to get where she is, but every day they’re together, he makes it harder for her to stay strong. It’s Deacon’s job to protect the people of Vegas, and it’s Willow’s job to protect him. Can they fight the feelings between them to focus on getting the job done when Deacon takes heat for his new Tiger protection bill or will they both get bitten?

Warning: If you need a book with a feisty heroine who’s packing, a hero with a savior complex, and exactly zero baby tigers, you’ve come to the right place. Dezi doesn’t do paranormal, so there’s no fur keeping anyone warm at night.




Xena Shaw just heard the shock of her life. She’s pregnant. To make matters worse, the baby’s daddy isn’t around and as a public official being an unattached mother won’t sit well with her voters. Right when she thinks all hope is lost, her security guard comes to the rescue.

Cameron Frank has it bad for Xena, she just doesn’t know it yet. He’s been keeping her safe for years, and he’s ready to save the day when she needs it. Especially if it means he can cozy up with the woman he’s lusted after since he first saw her.

Getting Xena on board with the plot is easy, convincing her his feelings are real is another. Make no mistake, now that Cameron has her, he’s not leaving without a fight. When the baby daddy comes back into the picture, Xena’s certain her best laid plan will come tumbling down, but Cameron won’t let that happen. He’s not giving up his new family without a fight.

Warning: If you’re looking for a book where the guy keeps his love a secret from his woman until she needs to be saved, you’ve found it. There’s also royalty (even if he’s a douche) and kids who resemble velociraptors.