Khloe Davis needed a job in the worst way. After being fired for sending an email saying her boss had a micro *ahem,* she’d do anything to keep her new one happy. Even break traffic laws to get there in time.

Parker Balls got it done in the boardroom, but his homelife resembled a business deal gone south. He loved being a dad, but finding a good nanny proved difficult. With a call to Helping Hands he’d have the best in-home childcare in the area, but he doesn’t expect to see her on his doorstep, the woman he fired for insulting his not-so-micro *ahem*.

When the pair finally bury the hatchet, the worst should be behind them. But not everyone is happy to see them together. When these two enemies become lovers not everyone is on board.

Warning: This book contains hot roll playing, a knife-wielding secretary, and a man who smells like a dragon slayer fresh from the woods (he does not have a micro *ahem*). Once you open this one, you’ll be swept away by Balls…Parker Balls.



Lydia Foster needed time off, but with money tight she couldn’t turn down her next nanny assignment. She wasn’t a stranger to tough cases, and she figured this job would be the same. Until she meets the single dad. Her stepbrother.

Oswald Burns wanted help to watch his son while he closed an all important business deal. What he didn’t expect was the daughter of his new gold-digging stepmother to be the one to come. With no time to find a replacement, she’d have to do. He never planned to want her to stay…forever.

Lydia can’t help falling for Oswald and his son. But the two people who should be the happiest for them are the ones trying to split them up. Their parents. Will society’s expectations and their meddling family break up this new duo before they even get started?

Warning: This book contains two hot for each other step-siblings, an awkward moment when two kids get walked in on their dad, and the prenup heard round the world. Don’t open this one unless you’re ready to fall in love with these men because the Burns family will leave you itching to read more.



Mia Washington has been out of the loop, big time. Spending the last five years in Guatemala caring for a family of naturalists, she didn’t have time to keep up on pop culture. Now that her assignment has been ripped to shreds, she finds herself back in America where being in the dark will come back to bite her.

Nash Woodward spends most his life known as Silas Drake, famous movie star, and he can’t get a moment of peace. He’d planned to take some time off after his last role, but when the part of a lifetime becomes available, there’s no way he’s turning it down. Now he has to find someone to watch his son Ryder on short notice during his long shoots.

Life as a famous, single dad isn’t easy, but when the new nanny has no idea who he is and likes him anyway, Nash knows he’s found the woman he’s meant to be with. He’s keeping secrets from her, but they won’t stay hidden for long. Will Mia bail when she finds out she’s been kissing Silas Drake?

Warning: This book contains killer monkeys – not gorillas even though one half of us thought it’d be better…it didn’t fit, paparazzi who almost blow the HEA, and grey sweatpants. Maybe we should have led with the sweatpants because do you really need anything more?



Nora Bryant was not living her best life. That ship had sailed and when it left, took her posh condo, and all her creature comforts. All but her BMW. Money was running out fast, and even the rent in the little rundown apartment had to be paid. That’s why she traded her shopping bags for a diaper bag and took a job as a nanny.

Miles Pecker didn’t know what to expect from the new nanny, but the hot as sin woman who showed up wasn’t it. Her looks, her car, and the way she held herself all screamed money so why had she taken a job watching his son? He wasn’t sure, but he’d enjoy digging deeper and finding out more about Nora.

Even with the job, it’s too little too late. Nora is forced to give up her crappy place, and she finds shelter the only place she can think of. When Miles finds out Nora’s secret will all be lost?

Warning: This book has a used-to-be rich girl who finds herself homeless, a single dad who doesn’t care where she’s come from, and a playhouse that sees a little more action than the manufacturer intended.



Ocean Libby thought a trip to Mexico was the answer to her prayers. A week away from her preschool job, the sun, and time being an adult. Two months later she was still paying for the photo she’d posted on social media of her licking the abs of a hot, nameless hunk. Not only had she lost her job, but she was black-listed from all the other schools too. She needed a new career. Bad.

Levi Privates needed drama like another hole in the head, but it always seemed to follow since he broke up with his baby momma. When the hottie whose tongue his abs were intimately acquainted with shows up on his doorstep claiming to be his new nanny, he’s ready to get to know the rest of her too.

Knowing what’s waiting for him at home, Levi professes to have a girlfriend. Will Ocean be just his nanny or will fate throw a wrench in their plans? They might have had an easy beginning, but the trip home is full of turbulence.

Warning: This book contains ab licking, baby momma drama, a crazy Christmas gift, and a couple who get caught more than once with their pants down by the local law enforcement.